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Fiori-Séguin - Deux cents nuits à l'heure (1978)

Harmonium's Serge Fiori and Sequin's Richard Seguin were already aware of each others talents, several years before their sole album as a duo. The pair appeared side by side as backup singers for Gilles Valiquette's album "Valiquette est en ville" in 1976. Already, the two voices blended magnificently. It was during this same year that Seguin (the group) packed it in for good., and Richard participated as backup singer for Harmonium's "L'Heptade". Harmonium, in turn, sees things slow down to a full stop in 1977. Both Fiori and Seguin were looking for other outlets which could sustain their creativity, resulting in "Deux cents nuits à l'heure" in 1978. This album, marrying the pair's progressive and balladeer sides, sees the continuous participation of the majority of Harmonium's most recent line up. Read full story at ProgQuebec

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Scorpion - S/T (1969)

A strong local Detroit, Michigan, band's only album containing hard rock with a funky edge.

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The Spectrum - The Light Is Dark Enough (1970)

I wish I knew more about this UK group. While they only managed to record one rather rare LP, during the 1967 - 69 timeframe they generated an extensive singles catalog that's quite diverse and commercially attractive.
RCA Records was apparently the brainchild behind the group with their rather transparent aim being to come up with a Monkees-styled outfit with commercial potential. The original line-up consisted of lead guitarist Tony Atkins, keyboardist Bill Chambers, singer Colin Forsey, brother/drummer Keith Forsey and bass player Tony Judd. Starting with 1967's 'Samantha's Mine' b/w 'Saturday's Child (RCA catalog number RCA-1589), the group released a string of nine singles that sold well throughout mainland Europe, but did little in their native UK and generated even less attention in the States.
Released in 1970, "The Light Is Dark Enough" offered up a mixture of earlier singles and new studio material, essentially serving as kind of 'best of' retrospective. Interestingly, while the band's occasionally slapped with a psych label, musically most of the ten tracks reflected a distinctive pop orientation. That was certainly the case for the group's better known works including 'Headin' For A Heatwave' (# 1 in Spain), a rather rote cover of The Beatles' 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da' which went top-20 in Germany and 'Portobello Road'. Mind you, anyone recording in the 1967-69 timeframe was bound to have been effected to some extent by their surroundings and Spectrum was no exception to the rule. While not exactly acid soaked, tracks like 'Nodnol' (London spelled backwards), the Procol Harum-ish instrumental 'Walrus & The Horse' and 'Mandy' all showcased lite psych touches, though nothing that was a threat to their commercial orientation. Certainly part of the band's appeal lay in the fact Colin Forsey had a winning voice that occasionally reminding me of a Davy Jones bulked up on steroids (check out 'Glory' and the title track). Similarly, the rest of the band were never less than professional with guitarists Tony Atkins and John Beattie turning in several nice performances on material like the rocker 'Jacqueline'.

"The Light Is Dark Enough" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (John Lennon - Paul McCartney) -
2.) Mr. Jenkin's Brand New Boots (Colin Forsey) -
3.) Nodnol (Colin Forsey - Peter Wood) -
4.) Walrus & The Horse (instrumental) (Peter Wood) -
5.) Glory (Richard Kerr - Maitland) -

(side 2)
1.) Portobello Road (Marsh - Veal) -
2.) Mandy (Colin Forsey - Keith Forsey) -
3.) Headin' For A Heatwave (Roberts - Kinsella) -
4.) Jacqueline (Andrews) -
5.) The Light Is Dark Enough (Richard Kerr) -

In addition to the singles and LP, the group recorded some material for a several films, including 1969's "The Reckoning" (they also has a small role in the film). They also wrote and performed the title track to the British kids television series 'Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons' (no I'm not making that up).
Keith Forsey went on to enjoy considerable success as a songwriter (you can blame him for writing part of 'Flashdance (What a Feeling)', as a producer (you can blame him for Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" and The Psychedelic Furs "Mirror Moves") and as a film score composer. Taken from Bad Cat

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Dr Tree - Dr Tree (1976)

Tamalone - New Acres (1979)

TOuCH - Traumwerk 1 (1980)

Transit Express - Priglacit (1975)

During one of the timeout in Yves Simon's schedule, his backing band profited from the spare time to record their first album. Indeed this was quite quick (6 days in mid-May at Studio Davout), because they had had time to prepare it, and where even playing their own numbers at soundchecks of the singer's tours. The standard prog quartet developed an excellent jazz-rock that was rivalling the classic-driven Mahavishnu Orchestra, where the songwriting was fairly evenly spread out between the four accomplished musicians, although I wouldn't call them seasoned veterans. On a Spanish scale, you could place them between Fusioon's first two albums and Iceberg's jazzier opus like Coses Nostres.
The artwork might induce you to think the group is very percussive, but the sound is very much balanced. 14 relatively short tracks (max 3'40") that meddle into one giant number. In some ways, you'd guess that the tracks written by drummer Bouvier are more rhythmic, but then once they morph into bassist Guselli- written ditties, they don't necessarily become funky. As the short tracks keep speeding by, the listener is never bored, because they (tracks) are all very different and never repeat themselves. Their jazz-rock is still fairly academic, but complex, melodious and subtle finesse.
An excellent but short debut album that did not go unnoticed in the French jazz scene, Priglacit (no idea as to what the title means (will invite in Russian - Lisa)) is probably the best introduction to Transit Express' music, but you can't go wrong by choosing anyone of their three opus. And when this is the case, it's best to start chronologically. By Sean Trane

Pride - Pride (1970)

Pride never existed, it was just a name to cover the work of sessions players: Earl Palmer, Don Randi, Lou Morrell again, plus Tommy Tedesco and Al Casey on guitar, Arthur Wright on bass, Gary Coleman on percussions, and Nooney Rickett did the three voice parts, overdubbing himself. Axelrod's son, Michael, wrote the lyrics. The album was recorded for Warner, as Axelrod's then manager, Joe Sutton, project (he walked in Warner, said he has a group, Pride, and got a deal ! Nobody checked the group did not even exist!).

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Machin - Tout Folkant (1977)

French folk-prog. More info here


Folk a L'Ame - Tempus Fugit (1997)

This band (Flute, violin, guitar, tin whistle, bohdran, drums & percussion) performs folk and sometimes rock music very influenced by the principal monochord vocals and the choral repeat of theme parts. It evokes MELUSINE, but the band gets its roots from a very old musical wealth, in order to then blend tradition with evolution, so that to perform a Celtic-Occitan folk-rock. They associate modern arrangements to traditional instruments in a perpetually creating mind. A lot of varied sounds and beautiful instrumental parts.

1. Les poules huppes
2. Passe-vent
3. Perfid jail
4. Festoyerie
5. Turlutu/Mazurka de Lapleau
6. Connivence
7. Le tailleur de pierres
8. Alienor
9. L'oiseau
10. Les Filles sont comme les roses/Reily's reel

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Kindly shared by Mr. Matty Groves

Ougenweide - Ougenweide (1973)

Ougenweide was one the most significant German folk-rock bands of the seventies. Their music was quite different from the 'progressive folk' music created by the early Broselmaschine and Holderlin. Ougenweide's speciality was shorter tracks in off almost medieval folk tradition with German lyrics. The result was a German answer to British groups like Fairport Convention, Gryphon and Steeleye Span. Like these groups, Ougenweide (from Hamburg) succeeded in achieving a distinct style of their own. Their records confirm that they were obviously great instrumentalists. Through the years the nucleus of the Wulff brothers, von Henko and Isenbart remained intact. Minne Graw was their female vocalist from the third album onwards. A large part of their repertoire consisted of traditional German folk songs. The early albums are their most acoustic ones, the later works also utilised synthesisers.

Lang'syne - Lang'syne (1976)

Lang'syne appear to be another one-album wonder as they released an interesting self titled folk album in 1976. Lang'syne sing in English and their brand of folk bares little resemblance to the earlier kraut-folk bands like Broselmaschine, Holderlin, and Witthuser and Westrupp. Throughout the album, there are small touches of a German and Eastern ethnic feel to the music, but for the most part their sound is a bit more Anglo influenced. Many of the lyrics and much of the music appear to have a dark, longing quality which results in the album sounding a bit mystical, and occasionally even Renaissance-style. The standout track is the instrumental 'Cynghanedd'. 'Cynghanedd' begins like an Eastern-influenced ballad, or "Melodie der Natur" as described in the CD sleeve. This track utilizes natural sound of birds and insects and ends with an interesting interplay of 'dueling'-guitar chord sequences. Another track worth mentioning is 'Medina' which has sporadic touches of Witthuser and Westrupp sprinkled throughout. By Doug at Kraut Rock Group


Bachelors Gate - Same (1981)

UK folk


Calliope - 'Steamed (1968)

Great US Psych. with Paul Goldsmith, Danny O´Keefe, John Simpson and Clyde Heaton.

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Gile's Farnaby's Dream Band - S/T (1971)

A UK project by Giles Farnaby, instigated in 1971, that aimed to create a wonderful broth of electric folk music with strong medieval influences. The music is played with a combination of early and modern instruments (primarily made up of flutes, violins and various horns). An entirely unique sound is conjured up using the diverse instrumentation available to a band of the 1970's and tunes originally written for country dances way back in 1651. An interesting find - for those brave enough to indulge - and much like early Gryphon. Freak Emporium

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Kaarst - From Our Friends To Our Friends & II (1976)

Hard to find KRAUTROCK PRIVATE PRESSING LP: by a group called " KAARST- from our friends to our friends " made in 1976.LIMITED EDITION- record of only a few 100 Copies were made, today nearly impossible to get in any condition.
Great psych folk kraut record with male and female lead and also back vocals, great guitar, percussion, flute and e-piano. Sung in english.Hans Pokoraa underrated this LP in his 4001 book with only 2 stars.
9 member band feat. UWE OCHSENKNECHT, famous german actor ( das BOOT / U96 )any many other movies.He is playing bongos-congas- and have some back vocals.

Kaarst - From Our Friends to Our Friends (1976)

Kaarst - 2 (1977)

Isis - Isis (1974)

This is an obscure gem. A pastiche of musical influences that defies categorization, which is probably the reason it was not a big seller.
Its got funk, r.& b. sensibilities, with tower of power horns but it is the sum of its parts that fascinates. ISIS is a crazed joyous prog-folk-soul hybrid. Fans of Jethro Tull, Spirit and Curtis Mayfield would certainly like this. A great collage of sounds, powerful vocals, and dynamic guitar runs. This is an all woman group. An all SILVER woman group to be precise. by phnuggle

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Sonerien Du - Gwerz Penmarc'h (1978)

Folk breton

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Blogging Mess

Dear Friends!

First of all Happy New Year - we didn't speak for a long time ;)

As you may noticed already almost all links from my posts for the last months were removed from rapidshare. The similar situation on some of our friends blogs as well. I'm curious to understand the nature of these deletions. I must admit that in the past I did uploads of albums currently available & reissued - so the copyright owners had all the rights to remove the links infringing their copyright. Guilty. But for me the main advantage of blogging was to share & find rare out of print or never legally reissued material. Please tell me whose rights I infringed posting:

Nadavati - Le Vent De L'esprit Souffle Ou Il Veut (1973)
Avalanche - Perseverence Kills Our Game (1979)
The Falcons - Fever (1970)
Sourdeline - La Reine Blanche (1976)
Tarentule - Same (1977)
Tanzbar - Missethaten (1979)
Tanzbar - Tanzbar (1978)
Crossbreeze - Same (1974)
Edelweiss - En El Principio (1973)
Chalibaude - Les Noces Du Papillon (1976)
Madrigal - School Of Time (1977)
P.P. Zahl - Alle Turen Offen (1978)
John Bassman Group - Filthy Sky (1970) & others? None of these albums are currently available neither been legally reissued.

Funny, this situation forced me into blogging again ;) I'll thoroughly check all my posts from the beginning & will re-up only oop or never legally reissued albums. For all others I'll put the link to the reissue labels .

The other question is why nobody ever approach me to remove this or that link? I got the impression that our old friend deleter had returned & using all this situation around ProgRock Records & ProgNotFrog... ;)

Looking forward for your comments on this matter. And I'm especially waiting for the person putting complaints on rapidshare to explain his motivations.

Sincerely yours,
Lisa Sinder

P.S.: Comment here on the albums you would like to see re-upped in the first turn (if the album not available you'll receive the link)

Nasty Pop - Nasty Pop (1975)

UK powerpop. Posted by request

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Bread Love & Dreams - Amaryllis (1971)

Super rare 1971 mystical psych / progressive folk album originally released on Decca Records.This is a pleasant folk-rock album with psychedelic overtones and a noticible 'flower-power' influence played on flutes,keyboards and guitars with nice male/female vocals.


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